Who We Are


We have two basic rules:

1) You’re Either In… Or You’re Out…
2) If You Had Plans… We Just Cancelled Them!

Simply put… River Vikings are just like you. We’re normal people that work and play when we can. We have many differences between each other in small ways. Some of us are dark haired. Some are light haired and some don’t have much hair at all. In the end though, we do have one major thing in common, we get our kicks floating.

Whether a canoe or kayak, it doesn’t matter. Whether “school bus yellow”, red, green or a “lime fade”, it doesn’t matter. We don’t care how your waterlog looks, just as long as it floats.

Being a River Viking is about falling into a lifestyle of relaxation and leisure when on the river. Leaving the stresses of everyday life behind us. Not thinking about work, family or bills. It’s about spending a handful of hours out of our lives now and then to be with friends, listen to wildlife, take in the scenery and enjoy our waterways.

We are people, just like you.

In our daily lives we sometimes wear ties, grease, prepy shoes, hard hats, cowboy boots or tennis shoes. But when we are on the water, we’re River Vikings.

And that’s ALL that matters…

If you are interested in learning more about becoming a River Viking, drop us a note.