The Heat is On!

June 25. 2013
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Swan Creek 2013I can’t believe that it’s summer already. It seems like time is flying by lately. Or maybe I’m just getting older and it feels like time is leaving me at an incredibly fast rate. Life in general is certainly made of it’s own seasons. Some are awesome and some are total crap. Either way, we paddle through them, right? We make the best of it and move on. That’s what we do.

It’s hot today. 90 degrees here in the Ozarks and my office is currently 77. There’s got to be something wrong with the HVAC. I don’t know, but it has me in a mood.

What I do know is that I’m sitting here at my desk dreaming of cool fall days floating on some spring-fed river. That much, I’m sure of.

Why am I dreaming of floating instead of GOING floating? Well, it’s pretty simple. The River Vikings don’t float a lot in the summer months for three primary reasons:

  1. Lower waters
  2. Biting bugs
  3. People

That pretty much sums it up. I think #3 is the worst of them all though. During this time of year the rivers fill up with church groups, young scouts, Hillbillies and Hoosiers all in aluminum canoes. Sounds inviting doesn’t it? Not really. Don’t get me wrong, I’m thrilled that people are taking advantage of our waterways. That is awesome. I just don’t need to be there with them during all the rowdiness.

River Vikings are all about the off-season. You know, the quiet time when you can best see Eagles in the trees, hear the tree frogs at night and see the fog rise over the water in the morning, while you’re sipping fresh brewed coffee from the fire pit. That’s the River Viking way of doing it.

I’m counting the days. Hopefully they will be here soon.

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